Turkish Passport 2022 – Power, Features, Cost and Conditions

Turkish Passport 2022 – Power, Features, Cost and Conditions

The Turkish passport has many features that make it one of the most important passports in the world. There are also several types of Turkish passports, each with different features and different extraction conditions from one type to another.

The Turkish passport is the focus of the attention of many Arabs, and there are many questions about the strength of the Turkish passport compared to the rest of the passports in the world, and the advantages that this passport gives its holder, as well as the method and conditions for obtaining a Turkish passport. We offer you this article to answer all your questions about the Turkish passport, its features, and how to obtain a Turkish passport.

The advantages and strengths of the Turkish passport 2022
Turkish passport strength 2022
Turkish passport ranking in the world, the Turkish passport ranked 20th for the year 2022 in the list of the most powerful passports in the world, according to the Passport Ranking Index around the world. According to the index, Turkish passport holders are allowed to travel to 77 countries around the world without the need for a prior entry visa, to more than 8 countries via an electronic visa, and to 44 countries via an entry visa upon arrival.

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It is expected that the strength of the Turkish passport will increase in the coming years, according to the data witnessed by the Turkish economy and Turkish politics. Ranking of the Turkish passport globally 2022.

Advantages of the Turkish passport 2022
The following is a list of the most important features of the Turkish passport, which make it the destination for many Arabs to obtain it:

The Turkish passport holder enjoys the full rights of Turkish citizenship.
It is possible to obtain a long-term passport that does not need to be renewed only once every 10 years.
It allows for dual citizenship so you don’t have to give up your original citizenship.
The right to enjoy free health and education services for Turkish citizens.
It is considered one of the highest-rated passports in the world, ranked 20th in the world.
The speed of issuing the passport from the Turkish souls. How to obtain the Turkish passport 2022 – its types and features
It provides the possibility to travel to more than 77 countries without a visa and facilitates entry to the Schengen area.
The Turkish passport holder can benefit from the retirement program like any Turkish citizen.
It gives its holder the right to vote in the Turkish elections.

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Reasons for seeking a Turkish passport

The strategic location of Turkey: it combines the continents of Asia and Europe, and is located next to many Arab countries such as Syria and Iraq, and European countries such as Greece and Bulgaria. It is also close to the continent of Africa and Arab countries such as Egypt and Libya.
Turkey is an important industrial and economic country: Turkey is one of the 13 most powerful economic countries in the world, and it is on its way to the top after the comprehensive plan adopted by the Turkish state, the effects of which will appear in 2023, including the new Istanbul airport, the new Istanbul Water Canal, the Eurasia Tunnel, metro lines, and the network of roads and bridges new.
Turkey is a suitable country for housing and family stability: Obtaining Turkish citizenship will not be limited to the advantages of the Turkish passport only, but will also give you the full rights of any Turkish citizen. Where you will live in a developed civilized country that respects the law, and does not differentiate in dealing with other nationalities, and a clean environment full of green spaces and parks available to all.

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Free services for Turkish citizens: When you obtain a Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship, you will enjoy the right to advanced medical treatment in public or private Turkish hospitals according to your desire at the lowest prices. It will provide you and your family the possibility to learn in any Turkish public school with free fees, as well as enroll in Turkish public universities with reduced tuition fees and great facilities in payment and grants.

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Safe living in Turkey: Gardens, playgrounds, parks, and sea coasts are free for everyone except for some private places in Turkey, allowing you, your family and children to have entertainment and picnic. It is also a safe country, in which the law is applied to everyone, and police patrols are deployed everywhere to ensure the safety and security of citizens.
Harmonious social life: In Turkey, you can adhere to the teachings of your Islamic religion if you are a Muslim without fear, and mosques and religious centers are spread in many areas if you want a committed environment for raising children. By settling in Turkey, you will not feel like a stranger to your homeland, because of the spread of Arab communities and their concentration in many places in Turkey, such as the Iraqi community in Ankara and the Syrian community in Istanbul.
Low cost of living in Turkey: Turkey is characterized by a low cost of living in general compared to other developed countries, and the prices of food, clothing, and household needs are low, to suit all levels.

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