The best restaurants in Istanbul: the most famous and the best taste

The best restaurants in Istanbul: the most famous and the best taste

The best restaurants in Istanbul: the most famous and the best taste

Turkish cuisine has an international reputation that did not come out of nowhere, so that the tourist, since planning a tourist trip to Turkey, puts in his plan to eat in the best restaurants in Istanbul and the most skilled chefs in it.

What are the advantages of Turkish cuisine?

Whoever visits Turkey and searches for the best restaurants in Istanbul will find that Turkish cuisine is one of the most important kitchens in the world because of its delicious meals and a variety of foods, at the hands of the most skilled chefs.

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The Turkish people are among those who still maintain a rich and delicious breakfast.

What are the best Istanbul restaurants (Turkish and Arabic)?

It is difficult to answer this question, because there are so many high-end restaurants in Istanbul, and they all compete to provide the best service and the most delicious meals at the most appropriate prices, but we will present among them the 15 most famous restaurants in Istanbul.

1. City Restaurant Istanbul Taksim

It is one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul and one of the most attractive for tourists and celebrities who make eating in it a priority.

It is located in the heart of Istanbul, in the middle of Taksim, and is characterized by its varied delicious meals prepared by the most skilled chefs.

The restaurant offers a varied menu of meals, and is famous for meat meals such as lamb or chicken grills, kebabs with vegetables in pottery, meat with salt, or lamb stuffed with rice…

Due to its fame and distinguished service, its prices are higher than other restaurants, but it enables its visitors to enjoy the most delicious and delicious foods amidst attractive décor with high-end service and the sound of calm music.

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2. Nusrat Istanbul Restaurant

For all lovers of food in general and meat in particular, the famous Nusrat Istanbul restaurant offers the most delicious meat meals of all kinds, and it is characterized by the salt steak meal in its own way of scattering salt on the slice, and offers different meals based on Turkish appetizers and authorities, in addition to delicious local and international desserts and ice cream .

The restaurant has local and international fame, and before it reached that fame, it was an open restaurant for young people serving its meals in full view of the people.

The restaurant has three branches in Istanbul, the most famous of which is located in Besiktas. It also has local branches in Ankara and Marmaris, and international branches in Dubai and New York.

As for its menu prices, it is among the highest among its peers in the region, but the next price is to join the crowds of fame and those looking for luxury excellence in taste.

3. Kozo Bay Istanbul Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the high-end Basaksehir area, a restaurant that serves roasted lean lamb dishes in front of people in a special way and over a low heat for four hours, and is served in a way that keeps the food warm with salads, appetizers and bread, which is a landmark in the restaurant.

Like other restaurants, it starts by serving delicious appetizers consisting of french fries, ayran yogurt, salad and hummus.

It can be said that the rating of the restaurant is high on social media and worth a visit and a try.

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4. Burak Istanbul Levent Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the Levent area in Besiktas, and it is a branch of the city restaurant of Chef Buraq in Taksim, but this branch is distinguished by its open view of nature, and its calm atmosphere.

It serves – as the main branch – the most delicious Turkish and international cuisine, and the most delicious types of appetizers and sweets.

Buraq Restaurant is famous for its showy way of serving food and playing while roasting food with fire. It is also famous for serving a loaf of bread engraved with the name of the customer.

5. Nazih Restaurant Istanbul

For those who love the clear sea view while eating, Nazih Istanbul Restaurant is a distinguished choice due to its antiquity, authenticity and good reputation that made it among the list of the best restaurants in Istanbul.

The restaurant is located in its main branch in Sarıyer district on the coast of the Bosphorus. It includes a wide variety of seafood and grilled meats of all kinds. The number of types of meat meals reaches 45, and about 25 types are included in the breakfast menu.

The most important thing that distinguishes the restaurant is its wonderful view and the staff with its high-end service, which made it get a high rating among other restaurants.

6. Kababji Mahmoud Istanbul

Kababji Mahmoud restaurant in Istanbul is an important choice for Turkish kebab lovers.

The restaurant is located in the Al-Fateh area, and offers luxurious types of Turkish kebabs and other local and international foods, in addition to a mixture of spices that give it a special flavor.

The restaurant was interested in promoting the local, Arab and international customers, and what contributed to the reputation of the restaurant was the menu written in Turkish, Arabic and English.

The individual meal consists of an appetizer and soup (Turkish soup), in addition to the main dish and a kind of dessert with tea, ayran or whatever the customer desires.

7. Khan Al-Wazir Restaurant Istanbul

Among the fine and quiet restaurants in Istanbul is the Khan al-Wazir Restaurant, which is well known to Arab tourists.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the Al-Fateh area and serves the most delicious Arabic cuisine, the most delicious meat dishes and oriental cooking, and it is characterized by the Aleppine cherry kebabs in particular.

The restaurant provides distinguished service to customers and is open from eleven in the morning until eleven at night.

8. Shawarma Anas Istanbul

When a tourist thinks of eating delicious shawarma, Anas Shawarma Restaurant will be the first choice that comes to mind because of its wide fame and distinctive taste.

The restaurant started by providing shawarma only, and then expanded to provide a variety of chicken meals with a delicious flavor at reasonable prices.

The restaurant is located in Aksaray, which is known to Arab tourists, and has recently opened branches in Amnonu, Taksim and Basaksehir.

9. Sofrat Al Sultan Restaurant

The restaurant is known as Sufrat Al Sultan Layali Shamiya in the famous Al-Fateh area. It features dishes of fresh meat and vegetables and delicious fast food, in addition to a breakfast rich in Turkish cheese, pancakes and other oriental popular dishes.

The restaurant is suitable for families and children to enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful quiet setting.

10. Bazlama Istanbul Restaurant

One family manages and welcomes the customer throughout his stay in the restaurant, and it is one of the famous restaurants that attract large numbers of customers in the Istanbul area, specifically in the Şişli district.

This restaurant is characterized by the rich and varied Izmir breakfast, with its dishes and fresh pancakes.

The restaurant is famous for its egg dish with tomatoes and fresh hot bread, and the meal is served without order, because they will put everything they prepare for you.

It is best to book before going in the seasons to avoid waiting.

11. Baran Istanbul Restaurant

It is one of the restaurants specializing in Orfali kebabs and the famous grilled meat in general, with distinct flavors and different types, which made it one of the most famous Al-Fateh restaurants that offer different types of grilled meat. There are meatballs, grilled kofta and chicken wings.

Suitable for families and groups, and a private car park is available.

12. Yemeni restaurants in Istanbul

Due to the increase in the number of the community in Istanbul, Mandi restaurants have gained wide fame, and many tourists love Yemeni restaurants, until they have become competitive with other Arab and Turkish restaurants.

Among these restaurants are Mandi Hadar Mott and Mandi Hadar Mott Al Yemen, the Yemeni Restaurant and Bab Al Yemen Restaurant, all of which are in the Al Fateh area, and they have branches in Taksim, Basaksehir and others.

13. Eshk Istanbul Restaurant

For everyone who loves to eat in the open air, specifically on the Bosphorus, Eshk Istanbul restaurant located in Ortakoy offers a wonderful experience with its charming views, distinctive service and a varied menu of meals.

The restaurant can be classified as a cafe rather than a restaurant. As for its menu, it includes snacks, sandwiches, salads, appetizers and ice cream, in addition to various delicious drinks.

14. Majboos Restaurant Istanbul

On the opposite side of Café Eshk Istanbul is the famous Kuwaiti restaurant, Majboos Istanbul. It also offers a varied breakfast that includes fresh Turkish cheeses, pure natural honey, assorted olives, cream and jams in all its shapes and colors…

15. Luqma Istanbul Restaurant

In Sarıyer, near the Rumeli Hisar area on the European side of Istanbul, you will find a large restaurant, one of the best restaurants overlooking the Bosphorus, which prepares the most delicious breakfast and lunch tables, in addition to a long list of appetizers, desserts, cold and hot drinks and ice cream.

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