Istanbul Airport revenues exceed 117 billion euros

Istanbul Airport revenues exceed 117 billion euros

Istanbul Airport: records revenues of 117 billion euros, and provides job opportunities for nearly 1 million people, since it opened in late 2018.

The Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adel Kara Ismailoglu, announced that since the opening of Istanbul Airport on October 29, 2018, the airport has contributed 80.7 billion euros to the Turkish economy.

And the minister said in a tweet on his Twitter account, on Saturday, August 13, 2022: ”  Since its opening , Istanbul International Airport  has achieved revenues of 117 billion euros, excluding expenses.”

Kara Ismailoglu stated that “the airport was built without paying a single penny from the state treasury, with investments amounting to 10.25 billion euros, and a total rent of 26 billion euros.”

Nearly a million job opportunities!

According to the chart shared by the minister, Istanbul Airport contributed 23.75 billion euros in national income, 51.3 billion euros in production, 4.2 billion euros in exports, and 1.23 billion euros in taxes, while providing job opportunities for about 972 thousand. person.

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